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"The Enigma of the Jester"He is the shadowHe makes the lightHe takes him downThe stars at nightHe is the laughterHe kills the jokeHe makes the nooseAnd breaks the yokeHe parts the curtainsHe veils the stageHe lights the houseTo end the ageYou never know himHe might be sheHe’s everythingYou’ll ever be- Mark Sniadecki


"The Enigma of the Jester"

He is the shadow
He makes the light
He takes him down
The stars at night

He is the laughter
He kills the joke
He makes the noose
And breaks the yoke

He parts the curtains
He veils the stage
He lights the house
To end the age

You never know him
He might be she
He’s everything
You’ll ever be

- Mark Sniadecki